For our younger students.

Juniors Online Debate Competition

In partnership with Knovo

Point of View Primary Juniors

Learn foundational concepts and ideas that will come in handy in life and in essay topics.

Debate Skills Bootcamp Primary Juniors

Get off to a great start in the wide world of debating with this focused debating bootcamp!


For our Primary-aged students.

Debate Skills Bootcamp Primary Beginners

Further develop your debating abilities through the Beginners camp for Primary School Debate! With the guidance of our coaches, you will learn how to elaborate on arguments, use real-world examples, rebut and present persuasively.


For our Secondary-aged students.

Debate Skills Bootcamp Secondary Beginners

Get started on your journey in Secondary School Debating! This camp will teach students critically about argument-generation, speaker roles, strategic refutation and use of timely examples.

Debate Skills Bootcamp Secondary Intermediate

Continue growing your skills in debating through the Intermediate Debating Bootcamp! Deepen and refine skills of argumentation, framing, clash and actor analysis using drills and feedback sessions.


We do not have any post-secondary courses for debate at the moment. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first one to know when we launch new courses!